Autumn Talks 2016

Saturday 5th November: 2pm to 4pm: Chaldon Village Hall, Rook Lane

PICTURE POSTCARD CHALDON: Roger Packham, Vice-President of the Bourne Society, gave a delightful and interesting talk to an audience of over thirty people. Roger started by explaining the history of the Picture Postcard in Edwardian Britain, and then showing a wonderful range of images of Chaldon village from the 19th and early 20th century.

Some of the postcards shown were produced and sold in great numbers, including a lovely one of the Well Tower at Willey Farm.

The Well Tower at Wiley Farm, Chaldon
The Well Tower at Willey Farm, Chaldon

Others were rare, including one of Roffes Lane in the 1920s or 30s, and another of the shop in The Heath in the 1930s. There was a lovely one in sepia tones of the end of Church Lane winding towards the church, with children in pinafores standing by the edge of the lane. Roger explained that the children would have known that they were about to appear on a postcard, and the card would have been available to purchase within days of the photograph being taken.

There were images of occurrences as well as street scenes or buildings. One card showed a tree stuck by lightning in Fryern some time before the War, another had a picture of a fire at Rook Cottage. Private photographs could be printed with a postcard back, and one of Roger’s collection was of the farmyard at Tollsworth, with a lovely message on the back about it being taken from the bedroom window and how many ducks were on the pond.

Postcards and photographs were on display, including photographs of houses on sales particulars, and maps of Chaldon from 1896. A couple of people brought postcards and photos of Chaldon in this period to share, which were scanned on the day. There were also fifteen photographs of unmade roads taken by the District Council in Chaldon in 1934 but without names on, and after tea break, small groups set about trying to identify these.


Chaldon Church
Chaldon Church
Tollsworth Manor
Tollsworth Manor
The children of Chaldon School 1895
Chaldon School 1895