Summer Walk: Sunday 6th August 2017

Chaldon Explored – the Inside Story:

Part Two – the Rooks

This year’s walk to look at the architectural features of Chaldon, and to see inside some of the most interesting builidngs in our village focused on Rook Lane with a chance to see the features of Rook Farm house and barn, and Rook Cottage. The owners very kindly agreed to let our group look round the outside and downstairs inside of their properties and the architectural details were explained. Photographs and documents giving information on the residents of the properties were also made available.

Both houses are hidden from public view, and this was a great opportunity to walk round the outside of each property and see the ground floors and interesting features inside.

The thatched Rook Farm Barn is an important feature of Rook Lane, and on this visit we saw the inside with the beauty of its timber framing and the underneath of its thatching. The bottom layer of the thatch is an almost unique survival in the South East of an old style called chip thatching, using slivers of wood which were a by product of the production of watttles and other forestry work.

After seeing these properties, the group were shown three rather fine 18th century chest tombs in the churchyard, which have been recently uncovered from a thicket of ivy. The day ended with tea and cakes in the Hazell Room at the church. £90 from the fees for the Walk was given to the Friends of Chaldon Church.