For Sale: History from Sales Particulars


Tyhiurst: Auction 1928
Tyhurst: Auction 1928

FOR SALE: history from sales particulars of houses in Chaldon through the centuries.

On Saturday 4th November 2017, thirty people came to hear a talk by Liz Bonsall on what we can learn from sales particulars about house history, people, accommodation, and the surrounding area. There was then time to browse the archive of original sales particulars that Liz has brought together and organised. They covered the length and breadth of Chaldon, including maps, plans, ownership and photographs.

Some people brought particulars from their houses and these will be scanned and returned to them. Others promised to hunt them out and give them to Liz later. If you would like to share your sales particulars with us please contact Liz. We would really like to add them (or images) to our growing archive. We are hoping to make some of the material available on this website in the near future.

Wiley Park Farm: Auction 1969
Willey Park Farm: Auction 1969