Old Quarry Hall: Saturday 3rd March



Old Quarry Hall: a fairy tale building west of White Hill

Forty five people came to the Village Hall, on the first day of the thaw, after a week of snow cover in the village, for the talk by Gwyneth Fookes, B.E.M.,Vice-President of the Bourne Society, on Old Quarry Hall. Gwyneth’s talk included some wonderful photographs, particularly of the second version of the house, which was the most elaborate one. The house was situated just to the west of White Hill on the way up to the Harrow pub, a site now taken by three modern houses built after Old Quarry Hall was deemed unfit for habitation and demolished in the 1950s. It was a fairy tale building tucked into the hillside which had a very short life with only three owners, each with an interesting story. Gwyneth presented the results of research into the three owners of the house, illustrated by photographs of the interior, including drawing room, and the grand hall and gallery, the gardens, the dairy and the laundry. One owner had been a pioneering electrical engineer, before this term was invented and installed a steam powered generator.

Saturday 3rd March 2018

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