Chaldon in the Great War

034B264D-BE2D-4A74-AC5E-12776583CD80 The display Liz prepared to accompany her talk.
FAC35EC0-5399-439A-B9CC-4A6694DE323E Keith Robbins with his collection of First World War memorabilia.

0B2EE428-FF90-4484-8063-89B6F7DE32A7 The Village Hall filling up before the talk.

Saturday 6th October 2018

Chaldon in the Great War
some stories of a small village
An illustrated talk by Liz Bonsall to commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War.
In the Chaldon Village Hall.

Forty five people came to hear Liz speak and see the wonderful range of photographs and documents that she had compiled with which to tell the stories of the men from Chaldon who lost their lives in World War I.

Liz began by painting a very tangible picture of how life was in Chaldon before the War for its small number of residents. She moved on to explain the changes and challenges that the war brought with it to those in Chaldon. There were the various War Committee requirements for listing motor cars, carts, cattle etc, and plans for moving everything useful and everyone in the case of an invasion.

Then came the stories of the men who lost their lives. All of them very poignant and some with a wonderful amount of detail gleaned from various official and family documents.

Liz has been researching and working on this material for five years, and this was a fitting culmination for that hard work. And very fitting too that it was in the Village Hall, opened in 1922 as a Peace Memorial, not a War Memorial, with contributions towards its cost made by every resident of the village.

£180 from the proceeds was given to the Friends of Chaldon Church to help preserve the ancient building.