Recollections of Farming in Chaldon

Saturday 24th November 2018

My Recollections of Farming in Chaldon
A talk by Roger Hammond

45 people came to hear Roger talking about his experiences of helping on a Chaldon farm as a young lad. Within his talk, Roger showed a map of all the local farms/small holdings in the fifties, photos of now out-dated equipment, and told some wonderful stories from his times working on the land with ‘memory sketches’, delightful drawings of some of the characters he encountered.


Born 1944 and brought up in Hilltop Lane Chaldon, attending the old village school from age 5 till 11. Roger lived in Chaldon until he married in 1965, but never moved more than three miles from the village.

His interest in farming was sparked by walks as a toddler with his mum and sister, along Pilgrims Lane to Willey Farm where he fed sugar lumps to their massive but gentle Suffolk Punch plough horses, before glimpsing Hilltop Farm’s dairy and old Fordson tractor on the walk home. From then on he was a lifetime fan. Roger contributed a chapter: Memories of Farming in Post-War Chaldon, to the Bourne Society‚Äôs Chaldon Village History.