Who we are

The Chaldon History Group was formed in 2015 by two Chaldon residents interested in local history and specifically the history of the Village of Chaldon. The Group exists to develop understanding and share knowledge about Chaldon’s history.

The Group does not have a membership, just an email / mailing list of those interested in hearing about the talks and walks that are organised. Anyone who shares the aims of the Group is welcome to attend the events.

The current pattern of events is two Autumn Talks and two Spring Talks held on Saturday afternoons in Chaldon Village Hall or the building in Chaldon to which the talk relates, a Trip or Visit in April or May and the Summer Walk on the first Sunday of August.

There is a small admission charge for events, usually £5, and proceeds from events (after hall hire, speaker costs etc) are given to the Friends of Chaldon Church to help with the preservation of the historic building, or to another Local History charity.

The website is aiming to be a useful source of information about Chaldon’s history and for signposting to other resources. It’s early days, but new pages are uploaded when time allows, and there are summaries of talks that have been given.

If you would like to be added to the emailing / mailing list for the Chaldon History Group, or if you have information, old photographs, letters about life in Chaldon in the past, or memories to share, please email or phone:

Liz Bonsall on lizbonsall@aol.com or 01883 340508

Madeline Hutchins on madeline.hutchins@icloud.com or 01883 345011